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Eurostyle Kitchens is a family owned and run company that has been in operation since 1993

Eurostyle Kitchens was founded and owned by Khaled Issa, an immigrant son who came to this country at the age of 8. Throughout his 5 decades Khaled Issa, has implemented a comprehensive code of conduct, which is founded on “In Fide Scientiam”; which inevitably led to his great success in his life, business and family.

Khaled’s legacy and prerogative has been and is to teach and aid the youth; from all creeds, race and faiths to better understand business and life, and to reign in and unlock potential with in them. With his knowledge, wisdom and faith; Eurostyle Kitchens has built a solid foundation with 3 generations of the Issa family working side by side.

Khaled’s passion has always been in the construction industry and his incredible knowledge, allows Eurostyle kitchens to provide Australian made products which in turns gives our clients a peace of mind when dealing with Eurostyle.

25 Year Warranty, Latest Technology & High Quality Products

With almost 3 decades of experience under Eurostyle’s belt we have built lasting industry relationships which allow us to keep up to date with the latest technology and products brought to the market, and design sold directly to the public. That coupled with our expert team, we ensure that all clients and stakeholders that deal with us are in safe hands.
Our knowledge coupled with our experience allows us to offer competitive market prices that suit our clientele with out sacrificing on time or quality.
Our latest CNC technology allows us to deliver a quality product when it comes to stone and kitchen joinery work

Give us a call and enquire about services or come past to say “Hi”, and share a coffee with us at our showroom. We always interested in building new connections and supporting local business, contractors and families in the process.

custom flatpack cabinets
Australian Made Custom DIY Flat Pack Kitchen Cabinets

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