Open Plan Kitchen Renovations Sydney

Looking for inspiration for your open plan kitchen renovations in Sydney ?

Designing an open plan kitchen involves creating a space that is both functional for every day use and an entertainer’s delight when guests are around.  The design also needs to integrate seamlessly with the rest of your home.

Teaming up with a renovation company who specialises in open plan kitchen designs is a must. Eurostyle Kitchens have over 30 years experience in kitchen renovations. Here’s our top 5 tips you will need to consider when planning your open plan kitchen renovations.

Layout & Work Flow

Our design team will help design the perfect layout to make the most of your space as well as consider the smooth traffic flow around the kitchen and living spaces. Another key point to remember is the kitchen work triangle, after all it is essential in any kitchen design, having everything at your finger tips is the key to a successful open-plan kitchen design.

Kitchen Island

Your kitchen island shouldn’t only be the main centrepiece, although it is often the conversation starter with your guests. Your island bench should also provides extra food prep space as well as seating and storage. It should seamlessly act as the divider between the kitchen and living areas.
Our beautiful in house marble slab benchtops or engineered stone & laminate bench tops integrate perfectly. We provide custom sizes and thickness to suit any style and budget.

Storage Solutions

Modern kitchen renovation designs always include as much storage as possible. Whether it be under benchtops and islands, overhead cupboards, open shelving above sinks and hidden cupboards to put away kettles and toasters. If within your budget, another thing to consider is a butler’s pantry. This would have to be the dream inclusion in any kitchen renovation.

Colour Scheme and Materials

Whether you  need a budget open plan kitchen or a luxurious open plan masterpiece Eurostyle Kitchens can help you select the right colour scheme for your style. Our kitchens are custom made right here in Sydney using the high quality materials and finishes from Shaker, Polyurethane and Laminate.
Give us a call on 02 97923 300 to help you with your colours.

Unique Elements

Make your open plan kitchen design unique by adding sofisticated lighting, a stand out benchtops or splashback with lighting or open shelves to to showcase your personal style and appliances. Adding a stand out element to your kitchen will be a conversation starter and make your dream kitchen a reality. We have all the latest design options ready to implement into your new open plan kitchen.

Remember that the key to a successful open-plan kitchen design is balance. It should be visually appealing while also maintaining practicality and functionality for everyday use. Make sure to tailor these ideas to your personal preferences and the specific layout of your home.

Planning a new kitchen requires multiple decisions to be made simultaneously, and there are now more choices than ever before. So if you’re considering renovating your kitchen and are not quite sure exactly where to start, get in touch with Eurostyle Kitchens. We have over 30 years experience and a team that specialise in designing and building open plan modern luxury kitchens whether for a new build or an existing luxury kitchen renovation in Sydney.

Open Plan Kitchen Renovations Sydney

Eurostyle Kitchens are not like your typical kitchen renovation company. What choose us ?

  • We make all our own custom cabinets in our warehouse in Sydney.
  • With over 30 years experience in new kitchens, renovations, remodeling and makeovers.
  • We help you cut out the middle man so you can deal directly with the design and manufacturing team rather than a renovator who outsources everything which ends up costing you more.
  • We have all the knowledge and professional experience in house and give you access to all the accessories, appliances and services needed for your luxurious kitchen renovation at a fraction of the cost.
  • Access to unique pieces of imported marble benchtops as well as your traditional custom size engineered stone & laminate benchtops
  • We stand by our products and services and aim to deliver 100% satisfaction to all our clients.
  • We are highly regarded in the Kitchen Renovation industry and have completed thousands of kitchen renovations Sydney wide.

Skip the middleman and deal directly with Eurostyle Kitchens, we can save you thousands and while delivering the kitchen of your dreams.

Custom Kitchen Renovations Sydney have never been so affordable and stylish.
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Open Plan Kitchen Renovations Sydney

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