Shaker Style Kitchens Sydney

Shaker Style kitchens are a highly popular choice for those considering a full kitchen renovation in 2024.

Eurostyle Kitchens can walk you through the design options of a shaker style for your kitchen renovation.

What is a Shaker Style Kitchen?

Shaker style kitchen, cabinets and doors have recessed panels Shaker kitchen is strong and sturdy. In a Shaker style kitchen, you can expect the following characteristics:

  1. Simple Design: Shaker style is characterised by clean lines and simplicity making it a perfect choice for a simplistic yet luxury kitchen renovation.
  2. Flat Panel Cabinets: Cabinet doors in a Shaker style kitchen typically have flat, recessed panels with a simple frame around the edges.
  3. Functional Hardware: Hardware, such as handles and knobs, tends to be simple and functional, often made of materials like wood or metal.
  4. Natural Materials: Shaker kitchens often incorporate natural materials, with an emphasis on wood. The color palette is usually neutral, with whites, creams, and natural wood tones being common. However with modern advancements the colour choice is limitless.
  5. Practicality: Shaker design is known for its practicality and functionality. Storage solutions are often well-thought-out, and the overall design is geared towards ease of use.
  6. Timeless Appeal: One of the reasons Shaker style has endured is its timeless and versatile nature. It can complement a variety of interior styles, from traditional to contemporary.
  7. Minimalistic Decor: Shaker kitchens typically have a minimalist approach to decor. Clutter is minimised, and the focus is on clean, uncluttered spaces.

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